SERVPRO of Plantation / Sunrise SE Employee Photos

Rollie B.

Rollie B. 

Restoration Technician/Water & Fire Restoration Specialist 

"SERVPRO of Plantation allows me to make a difference in my community by helping others and it's a great feeling."

Michele Fermin

Michele Fermin


"Payables and Receivables are a clear-cut formula for keeping a business running smoothly. The challenges this presents keep you on your toes and in an ever-changing professional climate this is where I find myself as an asset to our team. I enjoy the personal interactions with out office/production personnel, the clients, and the vendors. There is seldom a day that does not present itself where some form of creativity or ingenuity is not needed in some form or another. This keeps things interesting and makes working for our SERVPRO team enjoyable."


"Live life to help others"

Production Manager - Restoration Technician for Water, Fire and Mold Restoration

"I take pride in arriving at a person's home or place of business and knowing that I will do everything I can to make things right."


-Technician for Water, Fire and Mold Restoration-

"My goal is to help people live their best life"

People can only do that if their environment is of quality. Quality has no room for mold, fire or water damage.


SERVPRO Plantation Marketing Director

“Reaching out in the moment we're needed most”

The aspect that I love about my job is getting communities prepared before a storm hits.  Our preparedness plan not only reduces the cost of damage caused by disasters, but also helps to restore communities and individual homes after the disaster has passed.

"I spend most of my time involved with charities and nonprofit organizations in an effort to help those in need.  Helping is a hobby that makes me feel fulfilled.